How Illustrations Are Helpful For Advertising


If you need a good attention to your products, then you need to put in place a good advertisement.  Digital marketers have become more innovative nowadays as almost all businesses are now competing for digital marketing space. Using illustrations for marketing is now becoming common due to its authenticity and effectiveness in marketing. According to the manager of Illustration agency – Ilustra, there are numerous illustration ideas marketers can embrace to leverage any marketing efforts of a business. Therefore, the need to understand how illustrations are helpful for advertising is paramount both for the marketers and business owners alike.

Why illustrations are important for advertising

Drawing attention to product

There is nothing that can draw the attention of the product better than an illustration. The experts make sure they blend their art well with the product theme as well as that of the overall marketing campaigns. It is common to notice an attractive art work on a bill board and in the process, you will notice the product they are incorporated in. As a matter of fact,  it is a strategy that the whole illustration gets the attention of potential users within the first glance.

Creates awareness to the audience

One of the main importance of the overall marketing efforts is to create awareness to the audience. Therefore, the illustrators and marketing experts make sure that the whole advertisement effort is made in a way that it informs a specific audience. For instance, an illustration of a jaguar running in an advertisement for running shoes will inform the athletes or runner on how the shoes will help then run in all terrains.

Give power to the texts used

It is rare to see an advertisement without texts. The illustrations are designed in a way that they are in harmony with the text words. Before the illustrators can make them, they have to discuss among other things, the theme of the advertisement and the texts which they plan to use in the final advertisement. The illustrators make sure that their work gives power to the texts by making sure that the two corresponds well.

They help in response

A good advertisement is supposed to trigger a great response from the audience. In fact, of the ways to measure the impact of an advertisement is the response a campaign will receive. Therefore, this tasks the illustrators to make sure their work brings the same. A good illustration will not have a challenge triggering feedback on social media, website chatting forums or any other communication channels.

With great illustrations in place, any marketing campaign should be able to meet all its goals without too much struggle. Some illustration ideas which have successfully helped in advertising can be used by any marketer. Below are the top 20 creative illustration ideas that any business can draw inspirations from, to achieve its marketing goals.

Creative illustration ideas for advertisement

1.Old Spice – Matterhorn

This illustration that markets a shower gel has a great theme: places. The old spice shower gel advertisement illustrations show how cool it is as depicted by the snow. Again the people from different exotic parts gives the effects of different refreshing scents it has. Finally, it also vows to protect you no matter which activity you are doing.

2. Ariel

This is a minimalistic and personified illustration for a detergent called Ariel. It is a simple bright background of a bright top with red lipstick stain. Without much of thinking one will understand that this detergent will be tough on this stain. You do not have to through away your clothes when they get a stain like these as Ariel will deal with them.

3. Sci – Fi Channel

The science fiction movie lovers will quickly decode the message from this simple but informative illustration. The company decides to use a low-cost movie poster with two illustrations depicting the interactions of aliens and humans. Almost everyone knows how the aliens look like by now. This illustration creates in everyone’s mind what to expect when they tune into the channel.

4. Hawaiian Tropic

Everyone would like to buy a sun screen during summer but they don’t know which one is the best. It becomes even harder when you need a water proof sunscreen. However, a simple look at the Hawaiian Tropic will give you the product you need. It shows a woman walking inside a pool but the water proof sunscreen repels the water a distance off.

5. BROS mosquito repellent

This one is a twist of events. People use mosquito repellent to keep them away. However, this cool simple illustration shows one mosquito using the repellent to keep another away – how creative this is. should you not realize this fast, the texts tell it all – ‘it is what mosquitos would use on mosquitos they don’t like.’

6. Drink and drive

This illustration has nothing commercial. It is an awareness advertisement with a clear message to those who want to get behind the wheel when they are high on alcohol. It shows a road that runs straight, then climbs up and twists in a funny way before it leads you into a fatal crash. It sends a simple and clear message to the public: don’t drink and drive.

7.Coaching Canin dog training school

A very creative and animated illustration we see here. It shows a cute dog holding itself from feasting on a mouth watering barbecue that is right in front of it no matter how tempting this is. The training school clearly sends a message that they will make your dog have the best discipline, making it convenient for you to live with it.


Without even a second thought, the audience will understand that here is a baby bedding product. It is a colorful and marvelous illustration that shows a baby sleeping in a cool place with numerous water creatures. All these depict how this product will give any little toddler some sweet dreams throughout the night.


We all know that Peugeot is a car and we would expect their illustrations for advertisements to have cars. How we are surprised by an illustration of a cool horse and nothing else. The theme of the illustration is black. So, this ad tells us that the car is powerful, cool and executive, all at the same time. What a strong message?

10.Sal sol

This terrific concept of sea salt comes out very well. The illustration needs no text to tell you what it wants you to understand. In fact, it deserves a gold medal for the message well passed. This is a saltwater salt and full of minerals you need to enrich and make your meal a mouthwatering one.


Pepsi is a popular brand but here we meet a very creative illustration about how cool it is. The ad shows two cans, one for the Pepsi and the other for their competitors. But the gist comes on the straws.The competitors straw is destroyed by the drink while the Pepsi one remains intact. What more do you need to know about this cool drink?

12.FedEx for USA-Brazil

The illustrators here must have been very creative. It shows one person from the USA passing a parcel to another person in Brazil. It depicts how easy it is for FedEx to handle your parcel from the USA to Brazil. It shows speed and nice protective packaging. Again, this ad does not need any text to add more meaning to the illustration. This is work well done by the illustrator.

13.Panasonic 3D TV

This illustration also deserves a gold medal. It has a lot of details but viewers can quickly tell what is happening here. The dinosaur is already in the living room which indicates how real the TV is – after all, it is a 3 – D TV. However, the twist is the fact that you must understand that the entertainment is on the TV rather than in the real world.

14.Celcom broadband

This illustration shows wi – fi sign and in it, there are many famous monuments. Therefore, the intention is for the viewer to understand that this broadband is reliable since the signals are strategically set on these monuments. Upon looking at the source of the wi-fi signal, one can’t help but notice the source of the signal, which is a modem. The signal is thus a powerful and reliable one that people across the world can trust.

15.Heinz hot ketchup

Not many illustrations look soft and simple but at the same time pass a very powerful message. However, The Heinz hot ketchup does. It shows a piece of potato fry that has burnt to indicate how the ketchup will make you feel hot. As a matter of fact, there is no other message from this illustration rather than that.


Illustrations are a crucial part of marketing and a trend that is gaining popularity at a fast pace. Viewers get to like the creativity which attracts them to the ad in the first place. Again, the simple and straightforward messages are easy to grasp and stick in the head. The visual advertisement creates a big impact and this is how the illustration helps in advertising.

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